Sprinkler Repair And Replacement: Common Reasons Sprinkler Systems Fail

Sprinkler System repair can be a messy and frustrating experience if you don’t have the right tools and accessories. Here is what usually should be in your backyard shed when the moment comes for a repair: some heavy-duty garden gloves, some spade and shovel for digging up, simple-out sprinkler head extractors, an adjustable wrench for fixing valves, plumbers’ tape, light duty cutting blades, garden hose, an old spray bottle, and a few garden hoses. You should also have a bucket and a pan set up for washing the soil after the repairs are done so that you don t have to go out into the yard to collect your water supply. This will prevent you from having to mop up the broken pipes or sump pit again.

If you are doing a sprinkler system repair on your own, there are a few things that you will need to know in order to make things go as smoothly as possible. First, it is imperative that you turn off the power at the breaker box and the circuit box. In the event of a serious problem, you may need to consult an electrician who is familiar with the different Sprinkler Repair kits that are available. Once you have shut the power off, you should turn the sprinkler system off. If your sprinkler system is a gas line, you will also need to disconnect it.

If your sprinkler system repair is simply a matter of replacing broken sprinkler heads, you should know that replacing only the plastic components of the heads should not require you to use any tools. The pieces of plastic that are typically broken are the rubber seals that seal the water lines and the joints where the sprinkler head meets the base. Simply removing these pieces by hand should do the trick. After you have removed the pieces, you should clean and rustproof them before you begin the process of replacing broken sprinkler heads. Again, if your system is a gas line, you will also need to disconnect it for the process to be successful.

Sprinkler system repairs can range from simple fixes to quite complex. It is important that you understand all of the different types of repairs that are available. Most of these repairs are not only easy to perform, but they often do not require the use of special plumbing tools or any specialized equipment. For instance, replacing a leaky pipe may require you to run some additional pipes to locate the leak and then insert a flexible seam sealer. However, installing a new system and adding in new pipes can be quite complex and often requires the use of specialized equipment and tools.

One of the simplest system repairs that homeowners can carry out involves replacing the pipes that allow water to move through the sprinkler head and to the rest of the house. You could cause so much damage to your lawn and landscaping if you simply do not properly maintain your irrigation systems. For example, leaving a single pipe leaking could cause your yard to become an absolute mess and could even require you to get rid of valuable landscaping plants.

Another type of simple system repair involves checking and changing clogged valves. In most cases, when a clogged valve is detected, you will need to remove the water supply valve so that you can find the clog and replace it with a new one. However, it could be more complicated than this and require the installation of new piping in order to clear the clog. If you cannot find a good replacement valve at your local hardware store, you can check online and eBay for another option. In fact, when you decide that you no longer want to own the home, you can often sell your damaged sprinkler heads online for very low prices.

Sprinkler system repair is not the only option you have, especially if you have damaged valves or pipes. For instance, backflow prevention valves are often the best way to prevent backflow in the first place. Typically, they are installed near where the water pipe enters the sprinkler head and they restrict the flow of water to keep any debris out of your sprinkler system. Unfortunately, they often do not prevent the flow of water at all and this could cause serious problems to your property. For instance, if a backflow problem occurs, you could cause so much damage to your fixtures and plumbing that you will not be able to fix them and will have to move.

Sprinkler repairs and replacements are common for a variety of reasons. In fact, you can often avoid both problems by simply maintaining your irrigation system and the sprinkler heads on a regular basis. As long as you change the dirt and replace the dirt on your garden beds and your driveway on a consistent basis, you will have absolutely no problems with water and weed control. When it comes to your sprinkler repair and replacement needs, the most important thing is maintenance.

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